I’ve known and worked with Maria Theodosatos since January 1979!!  And worked with Lucy & Heather for 25+years!!

Testimonial: Wayne P. Webster Jr., CEO

You only stay with a ‘service provider’ that long if you have total trust in them.

Their service has been beyond excellent, their attitudes always the best—“nothing is impossible”.

I recommend Maria  (Heather & Lucy) to; family, friends & business associates.

I travel the world a lot (as they will attest to), mostly on business and can call Maria virtually at any time 24/7 from anywhere in the world and she gets me the help I need!!


Wayne P. Webster Jr., CEO – Maggie Sottero Designs


Testimonial: Brad Davison & Colin Dunn

Lucy has been our Travel Consultant for over 14 years. We value her efficiency and integrity. Lucy’s industry knowledge and contacts has probably saved us thousands over the years and if things may change we can rely on Lucy to fix them.   She always does.

Travel is our passion, and we can’t imagine doing it without Lucy as a part of our team.

We totally trust Lucy with all our travel needs and highly recommend her to all our friends and acquaintances.

Brad Davison & Colin Dunn

Testimonial: Paul Butcher

Lucy at Spencer Travel has been our travel specialist forever, booking our annual overseas vacation every year.  Her recommendations always work as she has gotten to know what we all like and has always given us good options to choose from.

We have enjoyed many family vacations based on Lucy’s suggestions and we continue to test her every year.  The service from the team is great as even when Lucy is out or on leave there is always someone there to answer our questions.

Nothing is ever too much trouble and we always receive a prompt response if anything ever goes wrong (which is extremely rare).  I thoroughly recommend Lucy and the Spencer Travel team to anyone looking for a full-service travel agent.

Testimonial: Varda Goodman – Allard Partners

I have had the pleasure of working both professionally and personally with Lucy for over 15 years! Lucy and the amazing staff at Spencer Travel are always available. They are efficient, professional and very responsive. I can plan business trips without any delays! She knows us so well and pre-empts what she knows will work for us. And she never gets impatient, no matter how many times we change our travel plans!

Lucy offers us the best cost-effective deals and her experience in travel pays off as she knows all the small things which ensure our travel experiences are not just getting from A to B.

Testimonial: Diane and Edgar Winter

“We have had the pleasure of knowing Maria for some 20 years and during that time she has saved us literally

hundreds and hundreds of dollars and ensured we had the best time possible with each and every trip.   That includes the most ordinary domestic travel to very large international reservations including airlines, hotels and of course, our favourite – Cruising!

Maria always lets us know when “specials” are coming on line, invited us to Sydney (we live on the Sunshine Coast) to  view new cruise lines visiting Circular Quay, helps find the best possible insurance cover (as seniors this is vital) and is always available, and I do mean 24/7.!!!!

We have enjoyed super deluxe hotels with upgrades, full buffet breakfast included, early check in, late check out and often an offer of funds to spend on food and beverage during our stay.  We have recommended her to our friends, and they too have experienced the same professional and caring assistance and benefits.

Gentle reader, it does not get much better than that.  Stop trying to book something on line yourself, ring Maria  and give her the opportunity to delight you!!”

Diane and Edgar Winter.

Testimonial: Mr & Mrs MILJKOVIC

Maria Theodosatos has helped us bring to life unforgettable travel experiences for over 10 years.
She is extremely responsive and always happy to help, no matter how big or small our needs are.
Her ability to make the right recommendations is matched by incredible persistence in helping us secure exactly what we want: restaurants, sporting events, theatre, overwhelmingly impressive upgrades in hotels. She really does take care of every little detail.
We are grateful for everything Maria has done for us and truly appreciate her dedication.



Maria has been our travel agent for many years and we have found her service, recommendations, planning and attention to planning our holidays of the best.

I am comfortable in letting Maria do our bookings instead of doing it myself. Because of this I have referred my friends to her and she has become their preferred agent.

There have been many instances where having an agent who is on the boil has been an absolute blessing. Her foresight and attention to detail has been immeasurable. Recently our flight out of Mumbai was changed several times, however Maria managed the situation extremely well.

The benefits derived from booking through a Virtuoso company has also paid benefits. Eg. Late checkout and upgrades.
Hence we continue utilising this wonderful service and Company.

Testimonial: Helen Bowler

I’ve been a client of Heather Del Vecchio’s for over ten years and I can’t rate her and Spencer Travel Eastside more highly.  I’ve been to some wonderful places because of Heather’s excellent advice and organisation and her customer service ethic is second to none.

The Spencer Travel Eastside staff are all so helpful as well, Lucy Vieira in particular.  I’ve been to some amazing travel forums as a client of Spencer Travel Eastside and the annual travel show that Spencer Travel hosts is a highlight of my year. If you want a seamless, easy travel experience then use Spencer Travel Eastside – you won’t regret it!

Helen Bowler

Testimonial: Caroline Wilkinson

Dear Heather

Regarding my travel plans over many years, I have always been well satisfied with the advice received from Heather Del Vecchio.

Her professional knowledge of flight schedules, cruise ships and Tauck tours provides me with confidence when arranging my holidays.  Heather has particularly helped with the ‘smaller details’ which are so important when travelling alone in unknown territory.

Above everything else, Heather has such a pleasant personality and I would recommend her to anyone contemplating holiday and/or business travel.

Caroline Wilkinson, Darling Point NSW

Testimonial: Andrew and Rebecca Head

Dear Penny & Heather,

I wanted to take the time to acknowledge the outstanding efforts and support that Spencer Travel, and in particular, Heather Del Vecchio provided us when we were caught up in the Bali Ash Cloud fiasco a few weeks ago.

It was a very stressful time for us as we were in Bali with our 3 young sons.  Our flights were cancelled and subsequently rebooked 4 times, resulting in 8 additional days delay, and each time we had to negotiate new accommodation bookings, room moves, transfers etc.

Heather and her team were incredible, always willing and available to go the extra mile to assist us.  Further, as we were delayed over a weekend, the Spencer Travel 24hr support team were also in communication with us, trying to assist in every way possible.

Heather was always cool, calm and very reassuring, and it was evident that Spencer Travel’s preferred relationships with the Hotel in question allowed us to keep rebooking there, as each time we tried to enquire directly if we could check back in after each delay, we didn’t have any success.  We are thoroughly sold on the benefits of using a specialised Travel Agent as opposed to booking ourselves.

I should also point out that Heather was also very helpful in providing receipts and travel documentation required for our Travel Insurance Company after we had returned back home.

I simply cannot speak highly enough of Heather Del Vecchio and Spencer Travel.  It really made all the difference at a time when we needed extra support and assistance.

Kind regards
Andrew and Rebecca Head